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Sacred Voice Gallery Activist Art Resources
  Thematically much of the work features at the Sacred Voice Gallery involves debunking the myths of western civilization.
Peace, Pace, Frieden
  A project against Iraq war and against totalitarism.
[ f r a m e s ]
  Net.Art project against war...
  Complete info. on the making of THOROUGHLY MODERN MILI, an anti-war comedy short, with a streaming trailer of the film.
les dormeurs / the sleepers
  The Sleepers (09-2002): a short work about World War 1 inspired by Arthur Rimbaud's poem: "Le dormeur do val"
Blood For Oil
  Free downloadble anti-war, anti-empire and peace posters.
The New Iraqi Flag
  The new design of the Iraqi flag reflects perfectly the priorities of the occupiers!
Art For A Change
  The Art For A Change website is dedicated to the Arts and their role in transforming society, from the socially conscious Artworks of webmaster Mark Vallen to the works of other like minded Artists possessing a critical vision.

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