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Fix News fills in the structural gap in news media that exists because for-profit institutions dominate the news landscape with sensationalist material. Institutional critique that shows no faith in progress and capitialism is sorely lacking. News about environmental issues must be based on the consciences of free, informed people, not on the profitability of media corporations or the entertainment value of the "content" of a story. Fix News is designed to facilitate honest news and commentary concerning what is happening in the world, particularly in relation to issues that are systematically neglected and misreported by commercial media.

Fix News is interactive and collaborative. If you feel that you can contribute constructively to the discourse in the various channels of this news site, please get involved. Since this project is based on volunteer labor, the traditional investigative role of journalism is tilted towards online research. If you have first-hand knowledge of a news situation that you feel is relevant, please contribute a story.

Because many online news stories are here today and gone tomorrow, the Fix News authoring system is fully editable. Anyone can leave meta-commentary about stories or create alternative links when the original source of a story becomes unavailable on the World Wide Web.

The legal principle of fair use is crucial to the function of this portal. Fix News is not the origin of every story that it presents. If you contribute original commentary or reporting, you are encouraged to identify yourself in the Author field when save your changes to documents. It is okay, also, to conclude entries with "Reported by Your Name" or "Comments by Your Name." You are encouraged to maintain the style, punctuation, and grammatical standards of print journalism. The idea is to fill in the gaps in commercial news coverage rather than to turn news into something less credible.

Technically Fix News incorporates the functionality of a wiki? system. Instructions about how to format text are listed below the editing area when you click on Edit Page.

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