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 global adj.
  1. involving the entire earth; not limited or provincial in scope; "global war"; "global monetary policy"; "neither national nor continental but planetary"; "a world crisis"; "of worldwide significance" [syn: {planetary}, {world(a)}, {worldwide}]
  2. having the shape of a sphere or ball; "a spherical object"; "nearly orbicular in shape"; "little globular houses like mud-wasp nests"- Zane Grey [syn: {ball-shaped}, {globose}, {globular}, {orbicular}, {spheric}, {spherical}]
 warming  adj.
  1. imparting heat; "a warming fire"

Global warming is a the term used about the fact that the Earth is heating up. Global warming is also mentioned as "the greenhouse effect" and this is basically what it is all about. When heat from the sun enters a greenhouse through the glass most of the heat is captured inside and this is the exact same effect that is causing global warming on Earth. However contrary to a normal greenhouse Earth does not have any glass surrounding it. Instead the atmosphere consists of several "greenhouse gases" (Natural greenhouse gases include: carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, and nitrous oxide) that cause the same effect as the glass does in a normal greenhouse.

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